Xmas is the goal!

Hi all,

Today we watched a video on youtube about how Elizabeth Taylor helped to celebrate M.J's very first Xmas. It was really heartwarming and fun! At the same time, it was sad and touching when we thought about how this Xmas will be spent without MJ in this world.

That's why we have decided 2 things.

1.) We will call our collaborators Michael's essentially, we are still recruting Michaels' Angels!

2.) We have also decided that the 2nd e-book should roll out on Xmas eve. We envision Michael's fans all over the world sitting by the fireplace with a hot cocoa, browsing through the 2nd e-book, and reminiscing all the memories. (Ok...this is like a scene from a Xmas story...but we think it's quite possible =P )

Therefore, to those of you out there who would like to join us as one of his angels, please contact us ASAP! We need to compile everything, so all submissions should be in by the end of November/mid Dec =)

It is going to be AWESOME! ALL FANS who contributed will be EXTENSIVELY RECOGNISED in the e-book.