Hi everyone! 

We've decided to compile more stuff and make a 2nd e-book!  If you're reading this, and wish to join us in the making of this e-book, please contact us! All inputs and help will be most appreciated =) 
We will recognise all contributions and will put your name in every page you have contributed =D That's a promise...

You can use this online software, or anything you like. 

If you've no idea what this e-book is all about, you can take a look at the trailer we made here. are welcome to download it (since it has quite a number of pages). You will see that it's really pretty cool...(nah, not bragging...but we're darn proud of it! lol!) Download here

Maybe we could start the ball rolling by telling you how we went about doing it. You can contribute at any stage. We will break it down into 2 - drafting & conceptualising.

The draft:

We do the draft on word, nice and clean A4 papers, or doodling on scrap papers during uber boring name it! Afterall, they say that inspiration can come anytime and anywhere =P So if you would like to contribute, perhaps you can draft it on a microsoft word doc, or anything which can show us your ideas clearly and coherently (please be sympathetic of the fact that we don't live in your heads, and so are not at the receiving ends of you neuronergic transmissions...haha! =P). Just send it to us at or simply leave a comment on this post (or whichever one you wish).

The conceptualisation of YOUR ideas:

Well, for this part, we used a free online software called koobits. It can be found at Signing up is free, and it is extremely easy to use! You can find out more about this cool software at this blog. It is maintained by the provider of the software. Basically, it works like a powerpoint, BUT it is way way way more fun to use, and it has more features too. We made our first e-book entirely using that software. We would prefer it if you could use this software too, for easy consolidation of all our work and so that we could all be on the same page.

We're sure it will be exciting! We already have a few participants from other parts of the world. =) We cant wait to get started!!

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